The Dissector


A Dr. Sarah Whitley Medical School Mystery

“Greed, Lust, Revenge, and Murder in a Medical School”

When Dr. Sarah Whitley entered the doors of the medical school, she thought the dream she had worked so hard for had finally come true. She had attained her first position as an Assistant Professor of Anatomy in a prestigious medical school in a uniquely historic city. Instead, what she found was the beginning of a nightmare that would change her life in ways she never imagined.

She had always looked up to the professors who had taught her throughout her education. They were ‘all knowing’; they were never wrong; and they were well respected professionals – everything she aspired to be. It didn’t take her long to discover that her new faculty colleagues were flawed human beings, driven by greed, ambition, and lust. And they all had one thing in common – fear. Fear of the powerful and ruthless, Dr. Roberts, the Head of the Department of Anatomy.

While all Sarah wants is to concentrate all her efforts on becoming an effective lecturer and anatomy lab instructor, she inadvertently discovers the secrets hidden behind the closed doors of the offices and research labs of her fellow faculty – from the illicit affair between two scientists, to the sexual predator masquerading under the guise of a well-funded researcher, to the manipulative and double-crossing Department Head.

When compelled by Dr. Roberts to spend more time in the morgue, assisting with the embalming and preparation of the cadavers to be used in the medical school Gross Anatomy course, Sarah sees things that she shouldn’t see. But asking questions could be dangerous…


“It’s not often that a solid mystery read comes from a source other than literary circles.. Much more than a ‘whodunnit’, The Dissector tells what happens when discoveries are made that go well beyond social or professional indiscretions to the realm of psychopathic behaviors and horrible threats… the story line provides a compelling search that is engrossing, unpredictable, and always fueled by Dr. Whitley’s self debates and choices. All this makes for a standout mystery in the genre.”
(5 stars) D. Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“Dr. Sarah Whitley is ecstatic when she’s hired as an Assistant Professor of Anatomy in a prestigious medical school in New Orleans. Soon she learns that not everything is as it seems. As the reader starts to figure things out, there’s a sense of urgency to see what’s going to happen. What does happen is completely shocking and you may have to read a couple of lines twice to make sure things actually happened the way it did. But there’s one thing for sure, the reader won’t forget it. The Dissector is a solid debut by the author.”
(4-5 stars) Cate Baum, Self-Publishing Review

“‘The Dissector’ by L.L. Spriggs is a compelling read, and one that will definitely appeal to fans of thriller/mystery/suspense novels. L.L. Spriggs infuses a unique blend of medical drama, intrigue, corruption, and shocking twists. I liked Dr. Sarah’s character, actually all the characters were quite well done. The novel was fast paced (liked the short chapters) and flowed well and moved the plot forward nicely. We feel like we are a part of the book, and I recommend it for fans of thriller/suspense who’d like a new twist.”
(4-5 stars) Jason Thackery – Goodreads; Librarything; Shelfari; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers

“Excellent plot… This is an excellent novel that captured my attention from the beginning and never once let it go. Each scene was riveting, imaginative, and well-crafted. The descriptions were good and kept to a minimum. There was no lull in the action… All in all a great story that kept me eagerly glued to my kindle. I really did enjoy this book and would read more from this author. She has a natural gift for crafting a well-thought out story and developing interesting and memorable characters. It’s obvious that she knows her stuff, and I feel like I even learned some things about med school!”
(4 stars) Laura Clarke – Goodreads; Librarything; Shelfari; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers

“I really enjoyed ‘The Dissector’. I thought it was excellently written and kept my attention from beginning through the end. It is a quick and easy read, one I finished in the course of a week. I was genuinely surprised at a few things that happened, and thought the tension and narrative was great. I was a little frustrated that it didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped, but it does make sense with the story. I will definitely be looking for more works from this author in the future. Definitely recommend reading for fans of intelligent suspense/mystery.”
(5 stars) Essie Harmon – Goodreads; Librarything; Shelfari; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers

This book was terrific! Once I started reading, I didn’t want to stop until I’d finished the whole thing. It pulls you in from the get-go, and I enjoyed the author’s “voice” and her style of writing. The interweaving plotlines were well-designed and not predictable, and the element of medical school was a new angle for me. Never read a novel based in one before, and it was much more interesting than I thought it’d be! The characters were all interesting and well-written, and although I wanted to strangle Sam Douglas, I liked all the others. I’d love to read more from this author in the future!”
(4-5 stars) Sherri Warner – Goodreads; Librarything; Shelfari; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers

“‘The Dissector’ by L.L. Spriggs was awesome! I haven’t read anything like that in a long time. I wasn’t sure what to expect based on the cover, but it was much better than I expected. The characters were anything but the typical hero/protag guys. Instead, all had demons, motivations, secrets. All came together to create a fresh-feeling novel that was out of the ordinary and kept me hooked throughout. Such great attention to detail in everything. The dialogue was authentic and helped to show the characters’ personalities. I hope the author writes more like this in the future. I’d be reading it!”
(5 stars) Layla Mesing – Goodreads; Librarything; Shelfari; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers

“This was the first book I’ve read by L.L. Spriggs, but I certainly hope it’s not the last. She has a gift for writing descriptive and life-like scenes that make us feel like we are really there inside the story, not on the outside looking in…like we are a part of the action. This novel didn’t feel stale or derivative, but instead, like a new niche of suspense that serves well to help diversify a somewhat cookie-cutter genre. Overall, the entire novel was one that I thought was brilliantly written and delivered an emotional win in the end.”
(4 stars) Eliza Brown – Goodreads; Librarything; Shelfari; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers