The Bone Puzzle Saga Begins


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In this masterpiece of mayhem, Clayton E. Spriggs tells the story behind a pile of bones that sits in the coroner’s office and the detective who is assigned to solve a heinous crime.

When a severed foot is discovered in the Dead River Swamp, Detective Robert Stallworth, known for his special talent for finding dead things, is called in to look for the rest of the body. But his job gets even harder when parts of more than one body turn up. Follow the detective as he puts the pieces together to find out who the victims were, where they came from, how they ended up in the swamp, and, most importantly, who put them there.

Told in seven parts, twists and turns abound in this gripping story of manipulation, murder, and illusion. Don’t be deceived—-nothing is as it seems. The Saga Begins contains the first three parts. If you like what you read, you have the option to purchase The Complete Story or get it FREE.

Illusions can be deadly

The swamp will keep our secrets

Foot bone connected to the heel bone

Beware of false prophets

There was only one way out

Let the games begin

When a prophet stands trial, expect a miracle

Reviews for THE BONE PUZZLE by Clayton E. Spriggs

This is my 4th book from Clayton E Spriggs, and it might be his best one yet in my opinion. Spriggs always does a great job of creating these crazy characters who are frighteningly realistic in their psychotic behavior. The setting is perfect for this type of ‘hillbilly backwoods’ atmosphere, yet they never become caricatures of their environment. While this book is part of the others in this universe (Johnson Road and Peterson County Murders) it easily stands on its own and can be enjoyed without having read the others. But you should!! Recommend for adults only due to graphic violence, gore and mature themes. (5 stars) Claire Middleton–Goodreads; Indie Book Reviewers

Surreal, dark, twisted and disturbing, this horror/thriller by Clayton E. Spriggs blends well-known horror tropes with bizarre characters and vivid writing and the result is something quite incredible. Liked the quick pace of the short chapters and I frequently found myself reading for much longer than I anticipated. A great read that I recommend to (adult) fans of horror psychological thrillers. (5 stars) Megan King–Goodreads; Indie Book Reviewers

Everything you could possibly want from a gripping horror and thriller novel is found here: strong, original world building, three dimensional characters, high stakes, literal life and death situations, treachery, evil, and a great cast of characters who make you believe in them. Like the first book I read of his, the writing and storyline setup is terrific. The plot moves at a quick pace, there is enough crazy action to keep pretty much everyone entertained. And although there are some deep and dark and twisted machinations dotted throughout, it never becomes over the top or too gratuitous. I found that I was hooked in from the very first page and remained there until I reached the end. It definitely does deliver an intoxicating and spine-tingling tale of evil and depravity that even well-read fans of horror and thrilling suspense are sure to devour. Adults only (4-5 stars) Essie Harmon–Goodreads; Indie Book Reviewers

As with his other novels, Clayton E. Spriggs delivers in “The Bone Puzzle” with jaw-dropping and psychotic characters who are scary real. If you are looking for some well written and twisted, bizarre psychological- human drama horror that is packed full of horror and intrigue and small town secrets, and just about everything in-between then I would highly recommend checking this book out. It is most definitely on the dark and dirty side, but a really addicting read and just perfect for a little bit of escapism. Hope to read more from Clayton E. Spriggs soon! ADULTS ONLY. (5 stars) Darlene Cupp–Goodreads; Indie Book Reviewers

I really liked this book by Clayton L. Spriggs. “The Bone Puzzle” was a complex, disturbing, original read, and as far as a horror goes, one of the best one’s I’ve read lately. Great characters, intelligently constructed plot, and amazing narration/prose and dialogue. The language Spriggs employs and the overall storyline is riveting and haunting and makes your skin crawl with just how deranged some people can be. This is one of those stories that sorta sneaks up on you without even realizing it and gets inside your head and stays there. Recommend for older readers due to graphic violence and scenes and language. (4 stars) Carla Bigins–Goodreads; Indie Book Reviewers

Another great read from Clayton E. Spriggs. Despite the dark and twisted premise, this novel is a thoroughly engrossing and even enjoyable read. I was surprised at the level of wicked evil that reared its head, but that’s almost what makes this book more powerful. Spriggs isn’t afraid to horrify, shock, titillate, and surprise us — something that makes reading this a real experience that won’t soon be forgotten. There is shocking scenes and language and touches on some of the worst aspects of human nature (racism, homicide, etc), but interestingly provides a great story that is unpredictable and keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end. I enjoyed this and really hope it will continue! Adults only. (5 stars) Gillian Hancock–Goodreads; Indie Book Reviewers

“The Bone Puzzle” might be my favorite book from Clayton E. Spriggs so far (and I’ve read several). This one felt very polished in terms of editing, pacing, and overall presentation. A haunting journey into the minds and lives of some sickos who are as fascinating as they are disturbed. The creepiest part was how ‘normal’ they were. Yikes. There is the obvious murder and mayhem, but also has a darker psychological element that is a rare combination to find. It helps make this book stand out from all the others that just rely on sex or the violence/gore to make it ‘interesting’. I very much enjoyed the characters and the scope of the plot and their connections with each other. Some shocking reveals and some unpredictable surprises keep things interesting right up to the end. The story is well told, easy to follow, and a lot of dialogue to move things along. I enjoyed it a lot and I’m curious to see if Spriggs continues on with these characters or does something different. Whatever he does, I’ll be interested in reading it! Recommend for mature readers only (5 stars) Laura Clarke–Goodreads; Indie Book Reviewers