L L Spriggs

L. L. Spriggs


L. L. Spriggs is a retired Professor of Anatomy and the recipient of numerous teaching awards at three medical schools, where she was known for her dissecting expertise. She is the author of several scientific research publications and, when not writing, serves as a professional consultant and editor on a variety of biomedical grants and manuscripts. She currently resides in Southern Louisiana and travels extensively throughout the United States. “The Dissector” is her first novel.


A Dr. Sarah Whitley Medical School Mystery

“Greed, Lust, Revenge, and Murder in a Medical School”

When Dr. Sarah Whitley entered the doors of the medical school, she thought the dream she had worked so hard for had finally come true. She had attained her first position as an Assistant Professor of Anatomy in a prestigious medical school in a uniquely historic city. Instead, what she found was the beginning of a nightmare that would change her life in ways she never imagined.

She had always looked up to the professors who had taught her throughout her education. They were ‘all knowing’; they were never wrong; and they were well respected professionals – everything she aspired to be. It didn’t take her long to discover that her new faculty colleagues were flawed human beings, driven by greed, ambition, and lust. And they all had one thing in common – fear. Fear of the powerful and ruthless, Dr. Roberts, the Head of the Department of Anatomy.

While all Sarah wants is to concentrate all her efforts on becoming an effective lecturer and anatomy lab instructor, she inadvertently discovers the secrets hidden behind the closed doors of the offices and research labs of her fellow faculty – from the illicit affair between two scientists, to the sexual predator masquerading under the guise of a well-funded researcher, to the manipulative and double-crossing Department Head.

When compelled by Dr. Roberts to spend more time in the morgue, assisting with the embalming and preparation of the cadavers to be used in the medical school Gross Anatomy course, Sarah sees things that she shouldn’t see. But asking questions could be dangerous…

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When Dr. Sarah Whitley arrives in San Francisco, she’s ready to make her home in a new city, in a new position, in a new medical school. She finally has the opportunity to make a name for herself as a well known and respected anatomist and educator. But she soon finds herself in a game of cat and mouse with an Associate Dean whose ambition blinds him to what she’s capable of doing to get what she’s worked so hard to achieve. Only one of them can win, and underestimating Sarah can be lethal.

Just when it looks like Sarah may realize all of her dreams, including the possibility of love, her past unexpectedly threatens to catch up to her. Will she have to give up everything once again to stay one step ahead?