(dup) C E Spriggs

Clayton E. Spriggs


Clayton E. Spriggs works as a health care professional in Southeast Louisiana. Married with a son and two stepdaughters, he is an active participant in the Bayou Writer’s Club and a dedicated member of the Who Dat Nation. Johnson Road was his first novel.


Book One – The Saga Begins

“Hiding is plain sight, a predator stalks its prey…”

When Purvis Johnson fell on hard times, he agreed to sell most of his land to a real-estate developer. Before long, the dirt road that once served as his make-shift driveway became a paved street. Newly constructed houses sprung up on both sides. Families moved in. The quiet neighborhood became the perfect place to raise a family.

Meet Jake and Mary Bickman and their two sons, the first to move into their new home. Soon, Thomas and Gladys Jenkins buy the house across the street and introduce a beautiful baby girl to the world. The wealthy Peterson couple and their two children build the big house near the end of the block, right next door to the tiny shack where the Johnsons still reside. One by one, tragedy will strike them all.

Welcome to Peterson County, Alabama, mid-twentieth century Americana; a quaint, rural community on its journey to becoming the suburban utopia promised by the American Dream. By the time the dreamers realize they are trapped inside of a nightmare, it’s too late.

Something has gone terribly wrong inside of the dream – something evil – something on Johnson Road.


Book Two of the Johnson Road Saga

“Chasing a serial killer…”

From the moment they found the body, the hunt was on. Now that the FBI and US Marshalls were involved, Sheriff Clifford Gaskin and Deputy Sean Willis were confident it was only a matter of time before they tracked down the murderer and brought justice to the people of Peterson County.

Detective Robert Stallworth wasn’t so sure. This was no ordinary criminal they were searching for. This killer was clever and cruel, but most of all, he was evil. Only hell itself could have produced such a monster, and this demon wasn’t going to stop. He was having too much fun. Only the detective and the killer knew what this psychopath was capable of and what really happened on Johnson Road.


A Tale Of Terror

Deep in the swamplands of Louisiana, a monster is born.

Hidden away in the cypress swamp of the Atchafalaya Basin, a cabin sits on pilings long driven into the murky water, home to a family of Cajuns known as the St. Pierres. A newborn joins their brood, a badly deformed infant who arrives unwelcome and unwanted. Soon, the boy grows into the monster they have feared all along. Seizing their opportunity, they drug him and chain him up in the attic until they are able to dispose of their curse once and for all.

When the wrath of Hurricane Katrina comes to Bayou Noir, they are forced to confront the terror that awaits them.

In the aftermath of the great storm, a group of college kids set out to look for survivors, never to be seen again. Detective Nicholas Vizier is hired to locate the missing search party and recruits local gator hunters to aid in the search. As their expedition leads them further into the swamp, they find more than they bargained for. They find Billy.

“With sleep, came the nightmares; the terrible visions of sharp claws and pointed teeth, of hungry red eyes burning with hatred, staring into her soul from out of the darkness of the Atchafalaya.”