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Like a Good Mystery?

“Greed, Lust, Revenge, and Murder in a Medical School”

Ever wonder about the cadavers used in Medical Schools – where they come from, how they are prepared, what becomes of them?

Ever wonder what really happens behind closed doors in a Medical School Anatomy Department?

Dr. Sarah Whitley is about to find out, You can too. Read “The Dissector”, a story about a newly hired young Anatomist, the dangers she faces, and what she has to do just to survive.

Customer Reviews

5 Stars Overall a great read

“Great Story. Loved the insights into local New Orleans culture. Also enjoyed learning about how medical school students began their education and the way cadavers are used. The parts about how cadavers are received and prepared was fascinating.”

5 stars Scalpels and embalming fluid

“I found the story to be a real page turner, right from the beginning when the absence of the head of the Anatomy Department was noted.”

5 Stars The perfect crime

“I really enjoyed the story. The main character is believable. Given her fearful personality, her solution to the problem was very surprising.”

4 Stars Good Read

“It was an enjoyable read. The ending was a bit of a twist I didn’t really see coming.”